Problems arise while Travelling! The NEED to read guide in order to prevent most normal problems when traveling

I've worked for so long in the aviation and travel & tourism industry, it is a great step to write about travel and tourism. I've in all likelihood visited every single country on earth & have witnessed a lot of tourists falling apart!

Simple things which they should have done to avert being miserable. From young couples carrying 5 large suitcase (quite possibly brought their whole condo :)) to families (carrying utensils!!), I have seen a large number of traveling nightmares. The lovers post vacation quite possibly ended in spliting up because of the issues they'd have encountered at every overseas airport!!

Looking after simple things will make your journey a really relaxing experience. The primary fundamental rule you should tattoo within your brains - "Travel Light". That does not mean you vacation without the essentials. It implies bring just things that you feel you are going to really need on your holiday.

Instead of Ten set of footwear, take just two. Know what I am talking about! You're the person who will need to haul it all over, open up the luggage at every airport terminal for security checks, go through the insult of the air port security put down attitude on your face and probably making faces to need to search in your stuff. Re-packing all the stuff at the security countertop can be quite a major problem if you've got your flight in the next Half-hour.

Nobody likes going through your dirty under wear. Least of all you, awkward having your lace under wear actually being pulled out for review in full view of hundreds of other passengers.

As often times I stress it, it will not be enough : "Travel Light". You absolutely need to adhere to this golden rule. It is a must do. The less heavy you holiday, the more enjoyable your trip is going to be. You'll of course spend less just about everywhere too. You will not have to pay anything for additional luggage. You can easily pick up as well as lug your baggage, will not have to tip the bell boy or shell out anything for your suitcases in the bus or even train. Get where I am going!

I recognize lots of people just travel for holiday probably yearly, however believe me life will get simple and easy if you - "Travel light". This golden rule has actually been my own rule ever since I was 14, when my father took us on my first overseas vacation to India. But more on that in my next article!

Till then, look at new ways to cut down stuff within your bags, don't take more than Two sets of shoes, dump anything in footwear or clothes which weighs greater than 200grams each set or 7-8 ounces. Well, I heard that - every one of your footwear is out then are they not? You'll need a pair of light weight walking shoes and a set of immaculate dress shoes. Most people holiday for 7-10 nights in another country. 2 pairs are more than enough.

If you're going hiking, I will allow you an additional 200 gms!

Adios till the next one!

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