Shit Happens when Travelling! The must read guidebook in order to avoid many widespread issues when traveling

I have worked for quite long with the airline and travel and tourism sector, seems like a logical step to write about travel and tourism. I have possibly visited virtually every nation around the world and have come across so many travelers going crazy!

Very simple things which they could have done to avoid being unhappy. From young couples carrying five huge suitcase (most likely took their whole loft :)) to the entire family (hauling eating utensils!!), I have come across many travelling nightmares. The lovers post vacation probably ended in break up because of the headaches they'd have faced at each overseas airport!!

Looking after very simple things could make your vacation such a relaxing experience. The 1st basic rule you need to tattoo into your heads - "Travel Light". That does not imply you travel minus the necessities. This implies carry just stuff that you think you will need to have on the trip.

Rather than Ten pair of shoes, carry just two. Know what I am talking about! You are the one that will need to carry it around, open up the bags at each overseas airport for security inspections, go through the insults of the airport security put down attitude on your face and in all likelihood making comments to have to dig within your things. Re-packing everything at the security countertop generally is a major problem if you have your own flight in the next Thirty minutes.

No body looks forward to rummaging through your soiled under garments. Least of all you, distressing getting your lace panties being brought out for review in total view of hundreds of other travellers.

As many times I stress on this, it will not be enough : "Travel Light". You absolutely need to adhere to this golden rule. It is a must. The lighter you travel around, the more fulfilling your trip is going to be. You'll certainly spend less everywhere as well. You'll not be forced to pay anything for additional baggage. You'll be able to pick up or lug your luggage, will not have to tip the bell boy or fork out anything for your bags in the shuttle bus or train. Get exactly where I am going!

I am aware many people only journey for vacation most likely once a year, but believe me life gets easy and simple if you - "Travel light". This golden rule continues to be my own mantra ever since I was 14, when my father took us on my first foreign trip to India. But more about that in my next post!

Till then, think about new ways to lessen things in your baggage, do not take in excess of Two pairs of shoes, ditch everything in shoes or clothing which weighs greater than 200grams each set or 7-8 ounce. Well, I heard that - all your shoes are out then aren't they? You will need a set of good walking shoes and a pair of perfect dress shoes. Most of the people vacation for 7-10 nights abroad. 2 pairs tend to be more than adequate.

If you're planning trekking, I am going to let you carry an additional Two hundred gms!

Adios until the next one!

ps. be sure you view money belt (light weight remember!!)

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